Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Check it CK?
Check It CK is an online disclosure program that allows you to access the most recent inspection reports of public premises/facilities throughout Chatham-Kent.

2. Which inspection reports can I access?
Food Premises - such as restaurants, institutions, bakeries, butcher shops, banquet kitchens, mobile food premises, cafeterias, supermarkets, etc. Recreational Water Facilities - includes pools, spas, spray/splash pads and wading pools Personal Service Settings (PSS) - includes barber shops, hair salons, nail salons, tattoo parlours, body piercing studios, and other aesthetic clinics Day Nurseries/Day Cares Recreational Camps

3. What are the benefits of Check it CK?
Increases your awareness of public health standards Allows you to access inspection reports, and helps you make informed decisions Helps increase compliance with regulations and best practices

4. Does Check it CK use a stoplight (red, yellow, green) based inspection system?
Check it CK does not use a colour based inspection result system. A yellow sign is often misunderstood, implying that the restaurant is unsafe to dine at. If a restaurant is unsafe to dine at, the premises is closed until the infractions are corrected. In Chatham-Kent we are also offering this website tool for other businesses such as swimming pools, day cares, and hair salons. A colour based result system would not work for these businesses. Check it CK is being offered as an easier way to access all public inspection reports.

5. What would cause a public health inspector to close a food premises?
food-borne illness outbreak no hot or potable water no power source sewage backup gross unsanitary conditions severe insect/rodent infestation heat/smoke/water damage

6. How often are food premises inspected?
All Food premises are risk assessed each year according to their potential risk to cause a food-borne illness. Premises are categorized as low, medium, or high risk. The level of risk will determine the food safety strategy the Public Health Inspector (PHI) will use during inspection. Food premises are inspected at a minimum of once, twice, or three times per year based on the risk rating of low, medium, or high. Examples of low, medium and high risk premises may include the following: Low Risk - convenience stores Medium Risk - bakeries High Risk - full menu restaurants/institutions

7. How often are other premises/facilities inspected?
Recreational water facilities are inspected at a minimum of two times per year. Personal services settings are inspected annually in accordance with the Infection Prevention and Control in Personal Services Settings Protocol. Licensed Day Nursery/Day Cares are inspected annually. Recreational Camps are inspected annually prior to opening.

8. How do I know which services are inspected at a personal service setting (PSS)?
When you view the facilities PSS inspection report, it will display all the services that the facility was last approved to perform.

9. How often is the website updated?
Inspection reports are uploaded to Check it CK everyday except weekends and holidays.

10. What do I do if I want to submit a concern or complaint on a facility?
If you see something that you don't think is right call the Chatham Kent Public Health Unit. We can be reached at 519.355.1071 ext 2902. You will be asked to provide the following information: The nature of your complaint/concern The name and location of the facility you are calling about Your name and phone number Your call will be assigned to a Public Health Inspector (PHI) who will want to talk to you directly. The PHI may be in the office when you call and you can describe your concerns immediately. If the PHI is out of the office doing inspections they will call you back because your concerns are important to us.